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Real Life Snow Day

Below is a small collection of images meant to give you a glance into a real life snow day in a typical home with three young boys.  After wedding season, I needed something different to photograph and what better than real life?  Oftentimes on social media, real life is depicted as families always being so happy and cozy and together, but the reality is is that isn’t always the case.  Real life is messy both literally and figuratively speaking.  Mom and Dad both work full-time jobs outside the home and mealtimes are all over the place because little ones do not have the same attention span or appetite as adults.  Inevitably, on a snow day someone is bound to be sick and at Christmastime the living room is completely rearranged because of the tree.  And toys and sippy cups are scattered all over the house and with three different personalities, all three kids are bound to be doing something different from the others at any given time.  While the outside world may have come to a standstill from the magical white wonderland, inside Mom and Dad have no choice but to keep on multitasking their parental duties.  Laundry, cooking for the week, cleaning, answering emails for work…at the end of the day it’s called reality…but one ingredient not yet mentioned…love!!!  This is what being a family is really all about and even though it may not look perfect, in our hearts we know it feels perfect.  Enjoy these sweet faces!

Diane & Joe…MARRIED!!!

When I first met Diane and Joe, we hit it off right away!  From their engagement session to their wedding, they were so much fun to work with and their wedding day was absolutely perfect!  Their love, family and friends, the weather and sunlight, all the details…everything was beautiful!  And bonus, their reception was at the wonderful William Larsen Event Hall at the Titletown Brewery Roof Tap building…right across the hall from my studio 🙂  I can’t get enough of their images and I hope you love them as much as I do!

Arndt Family Session

The last time I photographed this sweet family, Miss Tegan was just a wee bit smaller and the only child! Now she has her new baby sister to play with and love to pieces!  Tegan was all smiles for my camera and although she was a tad bit wiggly for the family images, we still managed to capture this new family of four!  And I just love the images of Jennifer looking at her newborn…there really isn’t anything quite like capturing the miracle of new life…

Hanley Family…MARRIED!

This sweet family has completely stolen my heart!!! Heather and Kory have been together for eleven years and two boys later they finally decided to be Mr. and Mrs. this past October!  They skipped the big day and went with small and intimate at the court house.  Because every bride deserves to feel special I bought a bouquet for Heather and she brought her dress and I captured a few of just her and Kory.  Their family is a great example that sometimes life doesn’t happen in the order we think it should, but in time life works out the way it should.  Best wishes for your life ahead, Heather and Kory!


Heidi & Damon…IN LOVE!!!

Sometimes you’re happy right where you’re at in life…that describes Heidi and Damon perfectly!  We didn’t capture engagement photos…just happily in love photos 🙂  First we headed to the fire station where Damon works and then out to Barkhausen in Howard Suamico to catch the fall colors.  I had fun with Damon’s goofy personality…Heidi goes along with it of course haha!  Enjoy the highlights from their session!