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    I love capturing moments in people's lives that should be remembered for a promised forever on a wedding day, the miracle of new life, families being together, and so many more!

    I was inspired to do photography while working at WFRV Ch. 5. I wanted to be a news reporter to share people's stories and make a positive difference in their lives. While my career as a journalist wasn't meant to be, I've met my purpose with still photography. It's been a journey filled with many challenges, but the rewards have truly touched my heart. I've met the most amazing people and look forward to more wonderful opportunities ahead!
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Hanley Family…MARRIED!

This sweet family has completely stolen my heart!!! Heather and Kory have been together for eleven years and two boys later they finally decided to be Mr. and Mrs. this past October!  They skipped the big day and went with small and intimate at the court house.  Because every bride deserves to feel special I bought a bouquet for Heather and she brought her dress and I captured a few of just her and Kory.  Their family is a great example that sometimes life doesn’t happen in the order we think it should, but in time life works out the way it should.  Best wishes for your life ahead, Heather and Kory!


Heidi & Damon…IN LOVE!!!

Sometimes you’re happy right where you’re at in life…that describes Heidi and Damon perfectly!  We didn’t capture engagement photos…just happily in love photos 🙂  First we headed to the fire station where Damon works and then out to Barkhausen in Howard Suamico to catch the fall colors.  I had fun with Damon’s goofy personality…Heidi goes along with it of course haha!  Enjoy the highlights from their session!


Lessuise Family Session

Oh boy look at the double trouble in these sweet faces!  Oh they had such a good time playing in the leaves and they put their Halloween costumes on for me too 🙂  I work with their mom so of course I was thrilled when she asked me to take their family photos this year!  It was a quick session, but we captured the essentials 🙂  Thank you Brittni and Steve for choosing me to capture your family another year!!!


Moesch Family Session

Look at all this love!  Believe it or not these little kiddos were some of my easiest I’ve photographed yet!  Very easy going personalities for being so little…again listening to the giggles amongst the smell of fall leaves brings me back to childhood.  I really try to embrace these memories when I’m with families and try to capture that moment in my images.  How sweet are their smiles?!  And of course the princess costume…oh how it makes me swoon!


Nagel Family…2016 Edition

I photographed Oliver as a newborn two years ago….needless to say he is much bigger with lots of personality!!!  I loved capturing some updated images of their family in the leaves and I even convinced Oliver to wear his Halloween costume for me!  He didn’t think it was too comfortable although I’m sure he felt differently carrying around his treat bucket on Halloween 🙂